What's Your Motivator?

Active Longevity

Keep a high level of peak performance as you as you age. Accomplish goals that you only dreamed of as a younger version of yourself.

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Physical Fitness

Increase your metabolic efficiency, maximize your work outs, and eat the foods specific to your genetic needs to build your ideal body.

Mental Sharpness

Optimize your brain and processing abilities to maximize your productivity over longer periods of time.

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Rebuild Your Health

Health optimization often starts in an unwell state. We work with you to improve your position along the health spectrum.

What We Do

Alpha Emerged works with clients seeking peak performance throughout a long, healthy, and productive life. Our program is built to provide you with an individualized plan based on a deep dive into your current health state. We leverage your genetics to design the idea blueprint to move you to an optimal state of well-being.

Dimensions of Our Alpha Health Program

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About Us

Alpha Emerged is a destination health optimization program designed to unleash your full potential. Our client-focused approach allows us to uncover a multitude of health and well-being optimization areas. We start with getting to know you, performing a high level technology rich executive health exams, advanced lab testing and cutting edge genetic interpretation. Our partnership throughout the coaching process allows us to achieve the highest level of success. 

Optimization & prevention trumps sick care - After personally experiencing burn-out and assisting several colleagues when they developed chronic health diseases, Dr. James Leonette identified the need for a destination center that focused on comprehensive health restoration and wellness optimization for elite individuals.