23andme results

Hack Your 23andMe Results with Elite Coaching!

Your DNA Unlocks the Secrets to Thriving Health and Boundless Energy!

Alpha Emerged uses your 23andMe results to help you discover your optimal fitness and nutrition needs based on your unique DNA structures. Our innovative genetic technology provides you with:

  • Comprehensive Fitness and Nutrition Reports

  • Customized Meal Planning & Training Plans

  • Personalized Coaching

Everything you’ll receive is customized to your exact needs based on your raw DNA data!

You Have Your Genetic Roadmap in Your Hands!

When you used 23andMe, you received dozens of reports that go far beyond where your ancestors are from. Your results also show how your genes affect your overall health and wellbeing!

Genetic Health Risks

Your risk of developing genetic illnesses including Celiac Disease, Anemia, and Alzheimer’s Disease.


Your reports show your genetic predisposition to your weight, muscle composition, and food sensitivities.


Understand how your DNA affects how foods taste, your optimal wake-up time, and sun sensitivity.

As you read through your 23andMe results, you may have felt overwhelmed at the sheer amount of information, resigned that you can’t “change your future,” or maybe you just plan to use your results for fun or to satisfy some curiosity.

Or, you can use your results to optimize your life! By using the information in your reports, you can see dramatic improvements in your health, eat the right foods that your body seeks out, and exercise in a way that supports your unique muscle composition!

How Can Your DNA Results Transform Your Life?

Does this sound familiar…

  • You’re exhausted all day long, living on caffeine and energy drinks.

  • It takes forever to fall asleep and you toss and turn all night.

  • You’ve put on weight and can’t seem to lose it no matter what diet you try.

  • You’re forgetful, struggling to focus on what you’re doing, and find yourself getting distracted easily.

If this is you, it means your body is not functioning at its optimal state! Fortunately, your DNA results show exactly what your body needs to maximize your energy, improve your mental clarity, and achieve your ideal weight and fitness levels.

Elite Coaching Puts Your 23andMe Results to Work For You

With our Elite Coaching, we help you achieve peak performance by using your raw DNA data and putting it to work for you. We’ll analyze your 23andMe results, and using our comprehensive genomics interpretation, we can provide comprehensive coaching that will allow you to experience your optimal health!


We’ll identify food sensitivities and vitamin deficiencies that are stealing your energy and causing weight gain. Then, we create a custom dietary plan based on your nutrition needs, designed to boost your metabolism, align your macronutrients, and replenish your nutrients to restore your energy and vitality!


Your genetic code reveals your ideal methods of training, from determining endurance and power levels to understanding your predisposition to injury and fatigue. With customized fitness recommendations, you can maximize your results and look and feel amazing!


We’ll get to the root of your fatigue and show you how much sleep you really need, sensitivities or sleep disorders that are standing in your way, and how to make the most of the sleep you’re getting!

Personalized Coaching for Peak Performance

If you’re ready to hack your 23andMe results and use them to end fatigue, lose weight, and achieve unprecedented wellness, book a Complimentary Video Consultation where we’ll review your results with you!

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