Welcome New Clients!

Congratulations on joining Alpha Emerged! We are very excited to help you achieve your health and lifestyle goals. The program has many components that will assist you in optimizing your brain, body and biochemistry.

Please watch this 5 min introduction video to get started.

Genomic Test Kit

You will receive your genomic test kit within a couple of days of completing your registration. Please collect the swab soon after you receive the kit and ship it with the pre-paid label. It takes 2-3 weeks to obtain the results and it is best to have the results prior to arriving for your executive exam. Follow the instructions found on the Register Your Test Kit page.

Notify Tina at (304) 808-1405 or tina@alphaemerged.com when your results arrive. It will be a series of letters and numbers. We will use this data for interpretation and generate a report to share during your review session.


You will receive log-in information for a CNSVS test. This is a 30 min computerized neurocognitive function test. This needs to be completed in one continuous session without interruption.

  • Do not open from your phone or tablet

  • You must be on a computer with an attached keyboard.

  • Close all other applications when performing the CNSVS


The QOLI may be administered in two methods. Most likely you will receive an email with a link. Follow the instructions closely.

Health & Lifestyle Assessment

The health history intake form is a comprehensive assessment. Please take your time and complete this with the extensive health history form.  

Blood Work

A labs requisition will be delivered via email. We run most labs through Qwest Diagnostics; please let us know if there is not a Qwest in your area.

Dressing for the On-Site Examination

For your visit, plan on wearing loose comfortable clothing. We will be performing movement assessments and range of motion studies. For your body composition assessment, please wear form fitting undergarments. Ladies, a sports bra will help provide the most accurate body composition assessments.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

We are here to assist you in achieving your goals. Please do not hesitate to contact Tina with any questions.

Lastly, congratulate yourself on taking a giant step towards not only improving your health, but optimizing your performance. A healthy body comes from an open mind. Be ready to learn, engage and ask questions during your visit. We look forward to seeing you soon.