Achieve Your Peak Performance in Work and Life When You Unlock the Secrets of Your Genetic Code!

Elite Health Program
With our innovative testing techniques, we analyze your body’s DNA to discover how you can optimize your health, maximize your energy, and transform your life!

We know you’re a determined, bold leader who has climbed the corporate ladder with hard work, drive, and single-minded success. You are undaunted by adversity and see each obstacle as a challenge you can overcome.

But lately, that fire within you has dimmed. You’re exhausted all the time, you struggle to focus on everyday tasks, and you’re living on antacid and ibuprofen.

Forget spending time with your family or hitting the golf course -  it’s taking everything you’ve got just to function at the office.

You’ve tried getting more sleep, you’ve given the gluten-free diet a shot, but nothing’s helping you end the mental and physical fatigue that is weighing you down.

It’s time to transform your life, but to do that, you need to know what to change. Trying one thing after another to see what works is wasting your time and is not going to give you the wellness solutions you need.
That’s where we come in with the Elite Health Program!

With our proven effective comprehensive testing, we look at every performance aspect of your body on a genetic level, from nutrition to hormones to muscle performance. Using your data, we can crack the code of your health to provide you with the precise wellness solutions that will make the biggest impact on your life.

genetics and leadership


  • Having the energy to play tennis or go for a run after work.

  • Being able to overcome challenges with brilliant ideas and solutions.

  • Experiencing stronger connections your family and enjoying deeper intimacy and passion with your partner.

  • Rediscovering total health and remembering what it is like to feel GOOD.

But what you REALLY want is to get your vitality and drive back so you can lead your team to greater success and make an incredible impact in business, and still have the energy to engage in your passions!

genetics exercise

The problem isn’t that you don’t WANT to do be the dynamic leader, engaging partner, or athletic go-getter - the problem is that you…

  • Feel like you’re running on fumes and just don’t have the energy to push yourself any harder.

  • Struggle with your focus - those ideas and solutions that used to come to you easily now feel elusive and out of reach.

  • Lack the passion and vitality to reconnect with your partner.

  • Find yourself snapping at your team and losing your temper more easily.

  • Suffer from indigestion, acid reflux, frequent headaches, and tension almost daily.

  • Feel exhausted and drag yourself through each day, but can’t fall asleep and feel restless all night.

You may chalk it up to getting older or simply being stressed or overworked, but all of these problems are a sign that your body is not functioning at an optimal level!

We understand your difficulties! That’s why we created The Elite Health Program - a way for powerful, driven executives like you to recover your energy, health, and vitality, and get back to being the virile, vital man you aspire to be!

The Elite Health Program is an incredible opportunity to look at your body’s DNA and get an exact, precise snapshot of your health, from determining what foods are best for your body and improving your sleep all the way to uncovering how you can improve your leadership, performance at work, and athletic abilities!

What’s DNA got to do with it?

DNA has EVERYTHING to do with uncovering your unique wellness solutions.

The Elite Health Program relies on epigenetics to get the evidence we need to help you create your thriving life. But what IS epigenetics?

Epigenetics looks at how environmental factors impact your genes, including how they activate, express, and shut down, not just for yourself, but also how these can impact your descendants.

Think of the nature vs. nurture argument - are we the way we are because of genetics or because of environment? Epigenetics proves that we are the way we are because of how the environment influences our genetics!

However, this incredibly innovative, groundbreaking science gives us TOTAL control of our gene expression because we can control the environment that influences our genes! Epigenetics allows us to crack your genetic code and show you how you can thrive with energy, health, and focus simply by nourishing your body in the precise way your body requires.

Simply by doing a basic cheek swab, we can look at over 500 genetic variants in your DNA to create a 100% unique, comprehensive plan to help you experience total health and an abundance of energy and vitality. This includes understanding your nutritional needs, sleep, hormones, and so much more!

Once you receive your full, comprehensive report, we offer the personalized, in-depth coaching that allows you to implement your report and live according to your DNA!

Why do you need a blueprint of your DNA?

DNA weight loss

Because you can experience:

  • Total Confidence:  No more wasting time with trial and error, you’ll have the precise answers to what your body needs!

  • Thriving Health: Eliminate the environmental factors that are damaging your body and causing the digestive pain, fatigue, headaches, and joint pain that makes it impossible to feel your best!

  • Abundant Energy: Learn how to fuel up and recharge in the precise way your body requires, ending your struggle with exhaustion. You’ll feel energized all day at work PLUS have plenty left over to do what you love!

  • Mental Clarity and Balance: Stop fighting the brain fog and start firing on all cylinders again! Enjoy a better memory, faster mental response, and experience more creativity, focus, and clarity!

  • Natural Weight Loss: By discovering the perfect balance of macronutrients and how to make the most of your metabolism, you can experience natural weight loss (without a fad diet!) and gain lean muscle tone!

Best of all, you’ll achieve optimal performance in EVERY aspect of your life because your body can achieve peak performance!

We provide you with an extensive look at 500+ genetic variants, affecting…

genetics nutrition


Looking at over 120 markers for how your body processes different food, we can determine EXACTLY which foods nourish and which foods harm you. (No more guessing if gluten-free is right for you, you’ll know!)

genetics and sleep


Understand your Circadian rhythm and how it affects other health conditions, while getting a closer look at the genetic factors that affect sleep quality, such as restless leg syndrome and narcolepsy.

genetics based supplements


Discover which key nutrients you need and the right supplements to offer you thriving health and peak performance!

genetics detoxification


Environmental toxins, including heavy metals and pollutants can play a key role in gene activation and expression. Our test looks at your detox needs and which toxins may be causing health concerns.



Your DNA will reveal your production of neurotransmitters, including any deficiencies, so you can learn how to regulate production to ensure balanced moods, better sleep, higher sex drive, and stable appetite!

low t men


Short temper, lack of sex drive, and weight gain can all be due to a hormone imbalance. Understanding genetic cues leads to understanding how to bring your hormones back into alignment.

genetics and leadership


Discover the genetic qualities that make you a more effective, dynamic leader and bring those qualities to the office to be a more inspiring, motivating leader!

genetics weight loss

Weight Loss

Discover how to make your metabolism more efficient, balance your macronutrients, and maximize your workouts according to your genetic structure to lose weight and keep it off.

best health coaching


Certain genetic qualities can influence your athletic performance and knowing that allows us to help you discover the training techniques to maximize performance, tone, and health.

Ready to crack the code of your DNA?

You have two options to get your genetic blueprint:

  1. Remote Testing: Send in a simple cheek swab (no invasive testing or messy saliva tests!), then block out one day to meet with us virtually. Using in-depth questionnaires and a detailed interview, we can combine that with the DNA profile to get a comprehensive look at your genetic code.

  2. In-Person: Block out a full day for an extensive work-up. You’ll receive the cheek swab testing kit, full panel of questionnaires and interview, plus it comes with these additional tests:

    1. Comprehensive stress response evaluation

    2. Brain function assessments to identify areas to improve concentration, focus and thought clarity

    3. Biomechanic testing to discover your full range of motion and movement patterns

    4. Body composition, including visceral fat and muscle mass evaluation

    5. Review of detailed labs to examine your current health status

Once we have your precise data, we will meet with you, remotely or in-person, to discuss your results. After our meeting, you’ll have a precise understanding of the science of your body and what steps you need to take moving forward.

These steps include:

  • A precise eating and nutritional plan

  • Recommendations for sleep, exercise, and nutritional supplementation

  • Stress management techniques based on our your unique needs

  • Bioidentical hormone recommendations

As soon as you begin implementing these necessary changes to your life, your outcomes will go far beyond your expectations!

We also know that implementing our recommendations into your hectic life is difficult to do on your own. That’s why we offer a 12-month coaching program to help you put these plans into action and make them a part of your life.

There is no need to go through this alone. We are here, both remotely and in-person, to offer you the in-depth wellness solutions to see rapid improvements in your health, stamina, and performance, plus the support and accountability you need to stick with these changes until these shifts are a part of your daily life!

Are you ready to crack the code of your DNA and use that knowledge to optimize your life?

All you need to do is set up a FREE 15-minute remote consultation, and you and we can go into more detail about the Elite Health Program and determine if this is the right fit for you, and which testing program will give you the best outcome.

So, what makes Elite Health Program different from the other DNA testing kits?

Most DNA testing kits provide you with an overview of your ancestry and a report about how that can affect your health. It’s fun to learn, but it’s not information you can really use to make that impact on your life and health you need.

Instead, with Elite Health Program, we use epigenetics to get an extensive, precise look at your genes, how your environment is affecting them, and how shifts in your lifestyle can fuel and heal your body on a genetic level. You’ll understand the exact foods to eat (or avoid), the ratio of macronutrients to aim for, how to align your hormones for optimal performance and greater stamina, and so much more!

PLUS, we offer the coaching you need to implement these changes in your life to achieve maximum results!

Our guarantee to you is that if you take part in this testing, especially the in-person testing where we can get a complete look at how your body is functioning, you’ll have total clarity of what you need to do to ensure optimal health and wellness. You can finally overcome your mental and physical fatigue, get rid of the excess weight, balance the mood shifts, and move beyond health problems.

genetic health coach

If you’re ready to:

  • Experience physical and mental stamina so you feel energized, sharp, and alert all day long…

  • Maximize your leadership abilities and achieve better performance from yourself AND your team…

  • Throw out the ibuprofen and antacids for good…

  • End the stress, tension, and short temper and enjoy life…

  • Go for a run, play golf, or get back in shape…

  • Discover the precise catalyst for change in your physical and mental wellbeing...

The Elite Health Program is going to make it happen.


On the other hand, if you are…

best health coach
  • Not ready to make changes in your life...

  • Don’t believe in investing in your health...

  • Are fine with the “status quo...”

  • Think there’s no point to this knowledge…

Then The Elite Health Program isn’t the right solution for you.

I want you to think about what your life is like right now...Are you happy with your energy levels? Are you satisfied with your sex drive and stamina? Would you rate your physical health as “excellent?” Do you feel you’re putting in a peak performance at work and in your personal life?

If you don’t take action now, how you feel now is how you’re going to keep feeling. That’s the best case scenario. More than likely, because you’re fighting against your own DNA, your energy will continue to plummet and your health will deteriorate.

Or, you can take this one action that’s going to impact your entire life!

Got questions?

Let’s get to the answers.

I want to do in-person testing. Where are you located?

We have two state of the art locations depending on your needs:

  1. Greater Washington D.C. area - near Dulles Airport, Baltimore, and Philadelphia.

  2. Bridgeport, WV - Escape to the mountains in this picturesque location near West Virginia University. Only 90 minutes from Pittsburgh International Airport, we’ve partnered with several hotels in the area for an enjoyable stay.

Is remote testing worth my time?

Absolutely! While the EEG testing, body composition, and biomechanic testing add more depth to the picture, we will still be able to create an in-depth report based solely on your interview and DNA review.

What does the coaching cover?

After we discuss your report, we will meet, virtually or in-person, once a month to discuss implementation. We’ll provide you with detailed guidance and solutions to how you can make the lifestyle shifts you need for peak performance.