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    Have you ever wondered why a certain diet works well for some, and not as well for others?
    Or why certain supplements help some of us thrive, while others may see no results (or even negative results)?
    Or why some of us are good at certain sports, and others can hardly play at all?

    Our DNA is our hardwiring; epigenetics is the way we express it. Uncover and optimize your genetics with Alpha Emerged.

    If you ready to uncover your genetics and health potential, this program is the perfect starting point for 2019. Included is a swab sampling kit and extensive 80 page genetic interpretation report based on over 500 pieces of your DNA that make up your needs for nutrition, supplementation, sleep, detoxification, athletic performance and more. You will get one hour of virtual coaching with Dr. Leonette on how to maximize the results of your study and implement them into your life.

    Golf Show Genetics Special

    Package includes:

    • Genetics swab kit with pre-paid return label

    • 30-page report (Nutrition & Athletic Performance modules)

    • 1 hour of virtual interpretation/coaching with Dr. Leonette, a certified epigenetics coach

    • Additional modules available at additional charges (sleep, detox, supplementation, hormone reports)

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    10 min consultation with Dr. Leonette

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    Have questions about how we can incorporate your genetics into a precision lifestyle plan? Schedule a consultation.