You Can Have It All - Work/Life Balance, Fit Body & Clear Mind

Ever wonder how some people seem to have it all: work-life balance, a fit body, clear mind and abundant health?

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It comes from precision lifestyle management. Some people may appear to have an innate understanding of all the choices that go into producing optimal health, but I assure you it comes from a well-crafted plan.

 Wellness Optimization is steps above sick care and visits to the doctor for regular checkups. If you are looking to project confidence, have the capacity to come up with revolutionary ideas, while reducing your stress and improving your well-being, start with developing a lifestyle plan.

Start with

·        Laying out a workout regimen that is within your tolerance and most importantly one you can follow.

·        Gather data: bio-metrics are the key on how you are performing.

·        Following an optimal diet plan

·        Getting the recommended sleep

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If you are still confused, you are not alone. Something this important shouldn’t be left up to chance. In fact, I’ve been in the health care arena for over 20 years and still hire a health coach. It very difficult to be objective with yourself. Having someone to hold you accountable is crucial. If you look at top athletes, CEOs and scientists; everyone has mentors and coaches.

This is where Alpha Emerged comes in. Our program is designed to take our the guess work and help you achieve optimized aspects in many areas of your life as quickly as possible.

Using your genetics and a comprehensive evaluation we uncover your current health, have revolutionary health recommendations made and coach you through your metamorphosis. Our 500+ genetic markers give you personalized recommendations on nutrition, sleep, leadership, hormones, supplementation, stress management, weight loss and more.

If you are ready to fulfill your limitless potential, schedule a video consultation or learn more about our in-depth program at

Dr. James Leonette