How to Ramp Up Your Energy for Maximum Performance at Work and Home

How to Ramp Up Your Energy for Maximum Performance at Work and Home

You’ve got a vision for your company - a bold plan that’s going to lower costs, increase efficiency, and send profits soaring! And you’re going to put this revolutionary idea into practice...yawn...after some coffee.

It’s not a bold declaration to say that when you’re running on fumes, your performance is not going to be what it could be. Meetings are lackluster at best and your ability to fire up your team is more like a smoke signal. And if you’re barely making it through a 10-hour or more day at the office, what’s left when you get home?

Here are some fast hacks you can easily incorporate into your life so you have the energy to be the maverick of the corner office and still have enough fuel in the reserves to spend time with your family or have some fun.

Fast Morning Fuel

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Not really, they’re all pretty important, but how you start tends to set the tone for the whole day. Eating a nourishing breakfast will give you the clear-headed energy to stay focused and moving forward.

But what does a nourishing breakfast look like? If you’re thinking a plate laden with bacon, eggs, and toast, let’s dial it back. Starting off with a big meal is just going to make you tired, and if you’re in a hurry, grabbing a donut is just going to cause your blood sugar to spike, then crash. Either way, you’re going to be dragging through the day.

Here are a few fast, fueling breakfasts:

  • A slice of 100% whole wheat toast with a tablespoon of almond butter and a banana

  • Smoothie with a ½ c of Greek yogurt, a cup of frozen berries, ½ a banana, and a ½ c of water or almond milk - toss it in a blender until smooth

  • Overnight oats - here are five simple, tasty recipes you can make in five minutes and eat in a flash.

  • Breakfast wrap - fill a whole grain tortilla with a scrambled egg and a sprinkle (2 tbsp) of cheese. Add an apple or pear and you’re good to go.  

Fresh Air Fix

Nodding off at your desk after two hours of staring at the computer? Instead of hitting the coffee and getting back to the grind, grab a bottle of water and head outside. The fresh air and change of scenery will recharge your brain, and staying hydrated also keeps fatigue at bay so you’re getting a one-two punch of energy. When you sit back down at your desk, you’ll be much more clear-headed and productive from a brief break than if you grabbed a coffee and went right back to the grind.

Keep this habit of getting fresh air and staying hydrated going and you’ll see overall improvement in your energy levels.

Get the Sleep You Need

Okay, I know this isn’t a revolutionary new idea, but most of the people I work with aren’t doing it so it needs reinforcing. Sleep is so vital to your overall well-being, your energy levels, and your mental health, that it’s a non-negotiable when it comes to having the energy to get through the day. So, start with these tips today and see how you feel tomorrow and from here on out:

  • Have a specific, regular time to go to sleep each night

  • Put away your phone or laptop and turn off the tv an hour before that time - get a book light and read a book or magazine.

  • Don’t eat heavy meals or drink alcohol within 3 hours of going to bed

  • Eliminate ALL sources of light in your bedroom - streetlights from outside, a red light on an electronic device, hall light - all of it.

  • Turn down the thermostat - studies show that people sleep best between 60 and 67 degrees.

If you’re continuing to struggle with ongoing fatigue and exhaustion, there could be an underlying cause tied to hormonal disruption. If you are ready to get to the bottom of your energy crisis and perform your best at work and in life, then let’s hop on a call to determine if you’re a right fit for our Elite Coaching Program for Male Executives.

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Dr. James Leonette