5 Mindset Training Hacks to Break Limits and Reach Your Full Potential

Have you been thinking negatively and holding yourself back? Do you let your negative thoughts stop you from doing what you enjoy? Negative thinking can have an impact on how you live your life. These thoughts can be very limiting so it’s critical to change the way you think. This will then change the way that you live and work.

What if you could change your DNA, your life, and your overall health by thinking more positively? It’s actually doable.

The way that you think has an effect on your genetics. When you change your outlook, you’ll change your genes too.

This can be done through epigenetics. When you think positively, you are changing the gene expression rather than your actual genetic makeup. This is how your genes are expressed or how they function.

There are parts of your DNA called telomeres. These are the caps of your chromosomes. They work to stop your chromosomes from deteriorating as you age. Shortened telomeres are often noticed in people who are dealing with diseases such as cancer or diabetes. They are also shortened with high-stress lifestyles.

When telomeres are able to be kept long and intact, diseases may be less likely. Studies have shown that meditation and other positive practices can help to keep telomeres long and healthy. This is how a positive mindset and outlook can influence your DNA.

By maintaining a positive lifestyle, you can prevent diseases and continue to live your life in the best possible way.

Here are 5 mindset training hacks you can use to break limits and become more positive:

  • Meditate daily. During meditation, you are focusing on having positive thoughts. You are working on being grateful and being hopeful. When you meditate for even five minutes per day, you are allowing those positive thoughts to occur. Meditation encourages a positive mindset overall and can cause positive thoughts throughout your day long after you’ve meditated.

  • Create a gratitude book. At the end of every day, write down multiple things that you are thankful for. Even on the bad days, you should be able to find something to be grateful for. By having a more grateful mindset, you will be having a more positive one. This will also encourage you to think of things to be grateful for throughout your entire day. You can take your notebook with you or store it on your phone and write these lists wherever you go.

  • Turn your negative thoughts into positive ones. Every time you have a negative thought, try to put a positive spin on it. For example, if you are struggling to complete something at work, try to think positively about having this challenge and this opportunity to grow. It’s okay to acknowledge your negative feelings and to have them, but try to focus on the positive side of everything.

  • Be mindful. In order to mindful, you need to focus in on whatever you’re doing. For example, you may be at dinner with friends but are paying attention to your phone instead. To be mindful, you need to put your phone down and focus on real conversations. You can practice mindfulness at any time. You can do this during your everyday activities. Mindfulness really allows you to be in the moment and focus on what you are actually doing rather than letting your thoughts get in the way.

  • Be kind to others. When you are positive toward other people, you will feel more positive and uplifted too. This could be anything from random acts of kindness to just being encouraging. Try to find ways to be nicer and more positive around others. This will help them to feel motivated and you will feel better too.

Without this positivity keeping your telomeres intact, your telomeres will be less likely to be shortened. Short telomeres are often found in people who are dealing with diseases. By maintaining a positive outlook through practices of mindfulness, gratitude, and more, you can keep yourself healthier and feel happier at the same time.

In addition to making your body healthier, you will be breaking limits. You’ll feel more confident in your abilities and you will be able to chase after your dreams. A little bit of positivity every day can have a great impact on your everyday life.

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