5 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Take Wellness Advice From Your Sick Care Doctor

You trust your doctor to take care of you when you’re sick, and you should! They are able to help you get over the sinus infections, diagnose the rashes, and test you for illnesses. They’re there to help you recover your health when you get sick.

However, health and wellness are two very different things. Health is your overall mental and physical state. Wellness is the goal of enhanced well-being. While your sick care doctor can help you when you’re sick, they aren’t the best source of advice or information when it comes to your wellness, specifically how to evaluate it and maintain it. When you work with a medical practitioner who specializes in wellness, you can work toward achieving your state of optimal health.

Let’s look at the five key reasons you should not take wellness advice from your primary care physician.

They Don’t Dig into the Cause of Illness

Often, sick care doctors will evaluate your symptoms, prescribe medication, and move onto the next patient. They don’t get to the root of what could have caused the illness, which can help prevent the symptoms from returning.

When a doctor takes the time to evaluate the symptoms, look for the reason they are occurring, and understand the cause, they can treat or manage your condition more effectively. Without digging into your illness and asking important questions, your doctor is only taking care of the symptoms and not your overall wellness.

Doctors Mask Symptoms with Medications

The last decade has seen a ten percent jump in the amount of people consistently using at least one prescription. Doctors are juggling ridiculously high patient loads so if a patient comes to a doctor with symptoms, they prescribe a medication. If that medication comes with nasty side effects like nausea, they get another prescription to treat that side effect. Instead of getting to the cause, you don’t know why you got sick to begin with.

They Don’t Offer Alternatives

Instead of working with you to come up with a customized, personalized care plan, a doctor often just prescribes the first medication that matches the symptoms. While it may be effective, is it the best method to treat an illness? Not necessarily.

Sometimes prescription medication just isn’t necessary, but without exploring alternative remedies or treatments, you don’t know if there’s a better option. There are also ways to manage chronic health conditions without medications, but many doctors don’t offer to explore those with their patients, either.

Lack of Necessary Testing

Doctors do some testing when it’s absolutely necessary, but usually when the patient has failed to respond to medications for the symptoms. When they do offer tests, they’re generally pretty basic (cholesterol, organ function, iron levels, etc), designed to diagnose existing problems.

However, they’re only getting a fraction of the information available through testing. DNA testing can provide a clear, comprehensive look at a patient’s health at the present and their health in the future. From determining a predisposition to chronic issues to discovering ideal weight and nutrition needs, testing can allow a patient and physician to work together to create a life-long health and nutrition plan.

They Don’t Focus on the “Big Picture”

Primary care doctors don’t always focus on whole wellness, including their well-being. Mental and emotional well-being play a vital role in a patient’s health, but it often goes overlooked. When a physician doesn’t do a thorough evaluation of the patient’s well-being, they’re not going to provide an accurate, effective care plan.  

While sick-care doctors have their place, the right wellness professionals can help you feel your best without having to rely on medication. If you can find a doctor who can help you understand your body’s unique needs and your symptoms, you and your doctor can work together to determine the best treatment. Once you unlock what your body needs to thrive, you’ll truly experience optimal wellness and experience a happier, healthier life!

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Dr. James Leonette