Are You a Middle-Aged Time Bomb?

As you age, you become more and more likely to run into health difficulties. There are so many different challenges that can occur if your body doesn’t receive the care that it needs. There are plenty of factors that go into health concerns.


You might feel like a time bomb just waiting to get ill. The risks for illnesses and serious health conditions increase as you age. By the time that you’re middle-aged, you may just be waiting for the next diagnosis.


Taking the initiative before you actually become sick is a great place to start. This isn't always possible depending on timing, but it can reduce the risks. 


It’s important to work on preventative measures to ensure that you help prevent as many illnesses as possible. There are plenty of ways to keep yourself strong and healthy, even when you’re middle-aged and beyond.


Now, before you rush to your sick care doctor as a preventative measure, you need to pause. One of the problems with going to a sick care doctor is that they only look at the symptoms.


For example, if you are starting to experience some of the symptoms of a disease, the doctor may try to alleviate the symptoms. They won’t necessarily try to find ways to prevent the problem from progressing. They won’t look at what is causing the issue and try to treat that.


Usually, when a doctor treats your symptoms, they will prescribe you pills. In many cases, there are safer, more natural alternatives that can do the trick and help with the overall problem at the same time.


Looking at the bigger picture is essential. You and your doctor should dig a little deeper to find what is contributing to your health concerns. It’s more than just aging, in many cases.


Some of the most common issues that contribute to health challenges in middle-aged individuals include the following:


-       Sitting too much: For many people, work is done at a desk. This means that lots of people are sitting for 8 hours per day with only small breaks. This lack of activity can affect your health in a few ways. It increases your risks of heart disease and diabetes.

-       Stress response: Life doesn’t seem to slow down at all, does it? Well, when you’re middle-aged, you have a lot on your plate. There’s work, your children (even if they’re grown), responsibilities around the house, your social life, and more. It’s easy to get stressed with so much going on. Unmanaged stress may lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity.


-       Obesity diseases: Obesity diseases can become even more severe as you age because they come with so many other risks. If you have an obesity disease, you are more likely to develop heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. These risks continue to rise as the number on the scale does.


These are just some of the contributors to health conditions as you age. Many different causes should be considered. Not everyone will be affected by the same causes either.


When your doctor takes the time to evaluate what's going on with your body, you have a higher chance of preventing serious health conditions. Make sure you're working with a doctor who cares about prevention and the root causes. Don't just cover up your symptoms with a collection of pills.


If you are middle-aged and feel like a ticking time bomb, you should think about talking to a doctor (not your sick care doctor) about your health. They can offer lifestyle changes, exercise plans, diets, and more than meet your needs.


It may take some time to figure out exactly what is going on with your body, but the treatment will be much more effective. It will be safer, healthier, and better for your body overall as well!

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Dr. James Leonette