Defeating Brain Fog with Nootropics

Some days you've got it all together, and on others, you just feel like you can't get things right. You're feeling confused, you wake up with a nasty headache, you're forgetting where you put your things, and can't remember what you were doing from one moment to the next.

You’re not the only one who happens to be going through this; as food becomes more and more processed to create a rapid turnout, the usual things we eat contain lots of saturated fats and excessive carbohydrates. The lack of nutrition in our typical diets could be the reason for the “brain fog” that you’re experiencing.

What is Brain Fog?

Brain fog has been recognized by medical professionals as inflammation in the brain caused by volatile molecules such as free radicals. When your conscious feels cloudy or you seem to experience bouts of depression and blanks in your memory, it's a sign of mental decline.  

What are Some Causes?

Most of the time we hear about people who have too much ‘bad' cholesterol or having cholesterol that is too high. However, if yours is too low it negatively impacts the brain, which is where 25 percent of your total cholesterol lies.

Another issue is the prevalence of low-fat fad diets that seem to run rampant in magazines and social media challenges. Our bodies and our brains require fats to run at optimal efficiency, as well as antioxidants to reduce free radicals, which are a major reason for brain inflammation.

What are Nootropics?

Since we know that we may not be able to get all of our nutrients directly from our food, we have to find a way to supplement our health. Multivitamins work quite well, but if you want to target your brain and memory directly, consider Nootropics. Containing things like Ginkgo Biloba, Choline Bitrate, L-Carnitine, and Phosphatidylserine, Nootropics are a bit more effective than your average multivitamin.

Originating in Japan, Korea, and China, the leaf of the Ginkgo Biloba tree has been taken orally for hundreds of years to help reduce the symptoms of memory loss that are accompanied with Alzheimer’s disease. It improves circulation and behaves as antioxidant simultaneously, providing a rush of vitamins and minerals to your brain.

The seed of the Ginkgo Biloba contains antibacterial properties as well, so you’re less likely to become sick if you take it throughout the year. Nootropics are also great for recovering from things like hypoxia, or low levels of oxygen in your body. If you've recently moved to a new state with a higher elevation, you might have a harder time breathing. A new environment could also be a reason for your "brain fog," especially when the climate is drastically different.

Nootropics are Designed to Be Gluten Free

As we move into the new millennium, more and more people are beginning to avoid foods that contain gluten. Although some may be affected worse than others, for example, people with Celiac disease, many people are beginning to notice that their gluten consumption correlates with the level of inflammation in their body. The same is thought to be true with food and supplements that contain animal products and fruits and veggies that are genetically modified, also known as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).

In a study performed by the Cambridge Brain Sciences, it was discovered that Nootropics were able to improve your planning skills by 37%, concentration by 5%, visual representation by 31%, and 13% in verbal short-term memory.

You may need to shop around and decide where you need the most improvement, whether it be your memory or your concentration. Either way, Nootropics are able to assist with the specific problem you’re having regarding cognitive issues and memory loss.

However, you still need to accompany this with a semi-active to active lifestyle and a healthy diet. Nootropics are a supplement, not a cure, so don’t forget to take the necessary steps to take care of your body outside of them too! Regularly exercising 3 to 5 times a week alone can help to improve your cognitive abilities, so take your Nootropic right before a run or gym session. Afterward, you should feel charged up and ready to take on the day.

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Dr. James Leonette