How to Stay Motivated and Not Give Up Your Resolutions

Let's face it, most of the population sets a too-hard-to-achieve New Year's Resolution only to have the wind taken out of their sails, never achieving their goals. Setting up your resolutions is never an easy task. Keeping them can be even harder. This is precisely why it's essential to find a surefire way to stay motivated.


When you’re really motivated, you will be more likely to follow through and achieve your goals!


How can you stay motivated though? A lot of people feel motivated for the first couple of weeks and then lose their momentum. If this is you, don’t worry – you’re not the only one. This is entirely normal, which is why you need to find ways to keep your drive going strong.

 First, let's dive into why most resolutions fail. Usually, the goals were set too fast and furious, being ambitious is a good thing, but being overly ambitious sets the expectation too high often resulting in failure. It's not easy to stay motivated at the bottom of the mountain while staring at the tallest peak, thousands of miles up, with a time crunch that makes it next to impossible. But – if you're looking at your goals head-on, and they seem achievable, you won't lose motivation just thinking about it.


By taking care of the motivation piece of your resolutions, you will be able to commit to them more fully. This helps you to actually do what you told yourself you would do in the first place!


Here are some ways to stay motivated so that you can stick to your resolutions and achieve those goals:


1.     Set achievable resolutions: Your vision needs to be in alignment with what you’re capable of achieving. You might realize that you don’t have time for a 60-minute-long workout every day, but you have time for 30 minutes. Don't overextend yourself right from the get-go. You need to make sure that the goal you're setting is something you can actually work on.  


2.     Create a vision board: A vision board is a visual reminder of your resolutions. Create a vision board using images you find online or in magazines. Then, stick them on a poster board (or a bulletin board, a piece of paper, or your fridge). These images should remind you of your resolutions and how they will benefit your life. Every time you see the vision board, you should feel more motivated and want to keep up with those resolutions. Some people tend to think that vision boards are exclusive to overactive Pinterest fans, but truth be told – even just sticking a cut-out photo of your favorite surfboard may help motivate you in the gym. After all, you can’t ride the waves if you can’t fit into those swim trunks.


3.     Schedule your resolutions in: Sometimes, people miss out on their resolutions because their calendars are too full or because they forget. Add your resolutions to your daily schedule. This may be a workout after work each day or meal planning every Sunday evening. Whatever your resolutions are, pencil them in somewhere. Then, you can check them off along with the rest of your meetings, appointments, and events.


4.     Create smaller goals: Don’t just focus on the BIG picture. Large goals can be hard to accomplish because you don’t gain momentum. If you’re checking off a goal every week, you will feel more motivated to keep up. When you’re constantly picking away at a big goal—and don’t appear to be making any progress—you will feel discouraged. To do this, pick one of your resolutions. Then, break it into smaller goals. Instead of trying to get enough sleep on day one, aim for just 10 minutes more each day. Easing into your goal can prevent burnout too!


5.     Find an accountability partner: Team up with your best friend, your spouse, or a co-worker. Hold each other accountable to your resolutions. You don't have to meet up or make it super complicated. Just text your accountability partner and let them know that you went for a run or did 20 minutes of yoga each day. You won’t want to let them down! If you’re really looking for some motivational support, maybe investing in a coach is just what you need.


Though many different factors go into making your resolutions a success, motivation is the biggest one. By tackling motivation, you should be able to see some mighty big results. This is where most people struggle, and it's why many don't end up following through with their resolutions.


Resolutions can be a great way to put yourself on the path to a healthier life! Don’t give up!

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