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Our brains are made up of thousands of compact, highly complex cells and nerve endings. As you’re already aware, our nerves send out a signal to various parts of the body to let us know when we’re hungry, when we’re in pain, and when we experience certain emotions. While some of these signals are processed through our nervous system, hormones, and other secondary influences, the brain is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the environment of your body continues running smoothly.

The signals our minds create are called brain waves, and there are five different kinds: Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.

Delta and Theta Waves

Delta and Theta waves are the ones most responsible for commanding our sleep, and our dreams. No one really knows why humans and other animals sleep, but we do know that the Delta and Theta waves are the reason we feel so much better after we wake up. Have you ever started to drift off to sleep, and suddenly felt like you were falling? Well, this is because your Theta waves are helping to push you into a state of unconsciousness.

Then come your Delta waves, which are responsible for rejuvenating and repairing our mind and body as we sleep; when in a state of deep sleep, Delta waves prevent you from waking up. Think of it this way, if your computer is in the middle of a major software update you don't want to interrupt or shut it off. 

This is why it's better to set your alarm to a softer, more subtle wake-up call rather than a loud, sudden beep that jerks you into consciousness.

Beta Waves

When you're studying hard for a test or trying to concentrate on the very specific instructions being given to you at work, your Beta brainwaves kick in. These only occur during a state of consciousness, and essentially help us evolve as human beings. Without Beta waves, we might not function very well in society or accelerate in our personal lives.


Gamma and Alpha Waves

We experience the effects of Gamma and Alpha waves during a state of consciousness, and unlike the others, we actually have some level of control over these waves. Much like the Delta waves, Gammas occur during higher levels of concentration and multi-tasking. They help us retain the information that our Beta waves process.

Alphas are more likely to occur during periods of daydreaming and meditation, more importantly, though they help to boost our mood. Believe it or not, studies have shown that engaging in mindfulness activities such as meditation help to improve the immune system.


How to Increase Your Alpha Brain Waves

Exercise would be one option; it increases Alpha waves and the level of dopamine in your body. However, the main focus is to partake in activities that are relaxing and place you “in the moment.” Mindfulness means that you aren’t distracted by social media, what’s on TV, or the various other sounds and sensory things that catch our attention.

If you aren’t sure how to meditate or have no interest in it anyway, that’s okay! Just lie down in your bed, or lean back in your chair and try to relax. The goal of increasing your Alpha waves is to lower the level of stress in your body. This is not limited to mental stress, but the tension that you hold in your muscles and joints as well.

As you relax, pay attention to your shoulders, back, and other areas where you might be tense. Do your best to focus strictly on your breath, and allow your Alpha waves to take over.

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