Enliven Center is now Alpha Emerged

alpha emerged logo.png

We are pleased to announce that Enliven Center for Human Potential is now being re-branded with our original name Alpha Emerged.

Our intent is to clarify the purpose of the program - it is to help you achieve your personal alpha state. Being the best that you can achieve by optimizing every aspect of your life. By addressing and optimizing your epigenetics (the expression of your genetic make-up) in nutrition, supplementation, sleep and stress management, you can can out perform your personal best.

Our goal is to help you look, feel and act your best; have restful sleep, intense work-outs, fulfilled personal life, mental clarity and outrageous work performance.

Emerge as the new better version of you! I look forward to helping you achieve your goals and more.

James Leonette, DC, MS

Dr. James Leonette