The Many Incredible Benefits of Cypress Oil!

cypress oil

Essential oils have been around for quite some time, but recently they've gained significant recognition among consumers across the world: chamomile for those who struggle with sleep, and lavender to calm an anxious mind, among many others.

Cypress essential oil specifically is incredibly beneficial in a unique sense because it can help in so many different ways. Some essential oils have one or two primary uses, but Cypress has an impressive number of benefits.

Found in China, North America, and Argentina, the oil of the Cypress Tree has been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years and has now become quite popular in western culture as well. In the western culture, it has been used to help with nearly everything, including wounds, cramps, blood clotting, and is even a natural deodorant. 


Do You Know What It Takes To Produce Cypress Oil?

Think of that piney, Christmas-like smell when you walk past a tree store around the holidays. This pleasant scent isn't the only thing that comes with pine trees and shrubbery though; Coniferous plants also have some medicinal characteristics of their own. The pines are often used in teas and topical treatments to help with things like chest congestion and head cold discomfort.


To produce cypress oil, plant material such as the branches, stems, and pine needles are pressed and steamed. Then, a solution is created with additional ingredients such as bornyl acetate and carene to then pull the medicinal properties from the plant material and produce oil.


It’s Great for Your Skin

Cypress essential oil is a great way to improve your skin. First, it’s gentler than the commonly used witch hazel, which helps to give you the appearance of tightened pores and reduce the presence of excess sebum. Witch hazel can also burn and irritate your skin if applied directly. For this reason, cypress essential oil is good at clearing up acne.


Next, you can use cypress essential oil as a deodorant. It can be used as an all-natural deodorant under your arms. You can use it to soak your feet and get rid of any bad odor. It works well to prevent odor and prevents bacteria growth too.


It Helps with the ever-annoying Charley Horse

If you've ever woken up in the middle of the night with an overstretched calf or hamstring, you're probably aware that it's excruciatingly painful. To help ease the aftermath of a Charley Horse, which results in a stiff, sore muscle, use cypress oil as a massage lubricant by rubbing into your leg. It won't get rid of your pain altogether, but it will help to ease the deep ache.


You can also rub some over areas to reduce pain or gently use some on a sprained ankle for faster healing. Long distance runners often struggle with soreness in their shins and Achilles tendons; if this sounds like a familiar issue try using your oil after taking an ice bath. Both will reduce inflammation and promote faster healing.


Employees who sit in front of the computer for hours on a daily basis are prone to getting carpal tunnel syndrome, which can negatively impact their work performance. Cypress oil is definitely a plus for those who suffer from overuse injuries.


It’s a Powerful Antiseptic

Dilute Cypress oil to use it on your skin. You can dilute this oil with any type of carrier oil, such as coconut or almond. Then, apply it to the skin to cleanse a wound. Applying it to a scab or scar from a burn can also help speed up the healing process. . 


This works because cypress essential oil is antiseptic. It contains camphene, which keeps your cuts nice and clean. Cypress should be used regularly on your wounds for best results. It does work quickly so you shouldn’t have to use it for too long.


On a sincere note, oil is sometimes painful when it gets into a cut or wound, so make sure it’s at least scabbed over before you apply cypress. It can be used on both internal and external wounds.


Promote Better Circulation and Reduce Inflammation

Since we know that Cypress Oil helps with muscle cramping and inflammation, it makes sense that it would promote healthy circulation as well! Gently rub some cypress oil into the back of your legs and other areas to improve the blood flow and reduce inflammation.


For inflammation, cypress essential oil, applied topically, can help with fluid retention. When your blood is flowing properly, inflammation generally decreases too.


You may use cypress essential oil topically, as mentioned before, or you can diffuse it. A diffuser is one of the best options for getting these oils into your body.


It's essential for your body to be able to circulate blood properly. Without proper circulation, nutrients and oxygen won’t get to the right places. Inflammation is painful and can often be a result of a chronic health problem. With cypress essential oil, you can handle both of these common issues at once.


Use it for relaxing Aromatherapy

Cypress essential oil is an excellent way to unwind after a long day. Mix your cypress oil with lavender for a sweet, fresh smell that calms your nerves and makes you feel a little more present. Scents that compliment cypress are frankincense, sandalwood, lavender, and rosemary.


Cypress essential oil can be used as a sedative, which can be helpful when you need to relax.  If you’re dealing with some heavy stress or an emotional problem, diffusing cypress oil is the way to go. You should feel a sense of release and be able to take it easy afterward.


Being relaxed emotionally can help you to relax physically as well. This is an excellent way to ease any tension in your body.

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