What You Can Do About The Environmental Impact on Your Genetic Composition

Something that we all know for sure is that your DNA cannot change. It's set from the time you were created. It's a very complicated part of your overall makeup, and there is no way to change it.


There is one aspect of your DNA that can be influenced by outside sources throughout your life. What happens is the environment changes the proteins in your body. Some of these proteins cause your genes to turn on or off. When this happens, epigenetic changes can be made to your DNA. This does not actually change the makeup of your DNA.


This whole process is called epigenetics. With epigenetics, your genes and gene expression can be modified. This allows factors, such as environmental changes, to change how your genes work. As mentioned, this doesn’t affect the genetic code or anything else that is already hardwired in your DNA.



However, the IMPACT that these SHIFTS can make is life-changing.


Gene expression simply means that your DNA is transcribed into RNA. From there, it is translated into proteins. This process occurs due to environmental changes. It essentially determines the way that your genes work. They may appear to have different characteristics or perform differently based on those environmental factors around you.


Here are some of the internal environmental factors that you may come into contact with:


-       Food

-       Water consumption

-       Exercise


Here are some of the external environmental factors that you may come into contact with:


-       Access to clean water

-       Air quality

-       Stress


External environmental factors are the ones that you don’t have control over. You don’t have a way to eliminate them from your life, and they can still affect you. When it comes to internal environmental factors, you can manage them (and you must). You can eat a healthier diet or drink more water.


You can also think about the different illnesses that people are battling every day. Maybe you even have an illness. This has to do with your genes and your environment. Depending on your environment, you may be more likely to experience illness.

Often, illnesses or conditions can be a combination of your genetic risk, which says how likely or unlikely it is for you to get a particular condition. Then, your environment comes in. Many different environmental factors can contribute to illnesses and your wellbeing overall. You do have control over some of these factors, such as your diet and exercise. Other factors, like water and air quality, are less manageable and you don’t necessarily have a way to change them.


There may be other interactions that contribute to illness as well. For example, connections between smoking and genetics will put people at risk for illness and disease.


The environment, along with your genes, plays a significant role in your overall wellness.


When you are exposed to stress, a poor diet, a lack of exercise, and poor air quality, you are at a higher risk of contracting illness. This is especially true if you have the risks for these conditions already programmed in your genes.


Knowing how your genes can be affected by your environment can help you to be aware of the different conditions you may be at risk of developing. If you notice any potentially harmful internal environmental factors, the ones that you can change, you should try to make a change –– IMMEDIATELY. This will help you to live a happier and healthier life overall.


Your environment CAN alter the way your genes work.


So, do you have a plan to reduce your health risks and have the BEST health possible?

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