Meet the Team at Alpha Emerged

Alpha Emerged is founded on providing individualized wellness solutions to our clients. Each member of our team is focused on providing thorough examinations and evaluations, 100% personalized strategies and recommendations, and in-depth coaching in order to see incredible outcomes for our clients that defy expectations!

Our team consists of several wellness physicians from chiropractic and medicine, in addition to a certified Gallup coach and an amazing group of client coordinators.

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Dr. Leonette, Clinic Director

James Leonette is the founder and clinic director of the Alpha Emerged. He oversees all client progress throughout the program, and coordinates all examinations, training, and coaching with the clinic team.

Dr. Leonette is an award winning chiropractic physician and has been names 2018 Winner Circle Doctor of the Year and 2017 Chiropractor of the Year by The Masters Circle. Dr. Leonette has extensive education and training in medical and alternative medicine fields with degrees in Medical Technology and Occupational Hygiene & Safety and certifications as a Medical Examiner and Acupuncturist. He has completed multiple programs in functional healing, epigenetics coaching, nutritional therapies, and fitness programs.

23&me health coaching

Tina, Program Coordinator

Tina is our office coordinator and will be the first person you meet at the Alpha Emerged. She has a deep understanding of our patients’ needs along with experience in health and wellness. In addition to ensuring your exceptional experience, Tina also coordinates your visits, schedules your appointments, and coordinates travel arrangements.