Register Your Genomics Test Kit

You have received an Alpha Emerged Genomics kit.

Please review the steps below to obtain your sample and then complete the form at the bottom of the page. Privacy and anonymity of your personal data is a top priority for us and because of this, we require that all of these steps and the registering of the kit be followed exactly. Your data will only be identified by the barcode on the vial from your kit. Your personal information is kept on a separate database with your barcode tag, your data will be on a different database, identified only as a barcode. Please double check the accuracy of the data you enter below.

  • Rinse your mouth with water and then wait 30 minutes

  • DO NOT: eat or drink anything, DO NOT brush your teeth, DO NOT chew gum until after you complete the sampling

  • Remove the cotton swab from the sterile container – make sure seal is intact prior to opening

  • Rub and rotate the cotton end on the inside surface of each cheek, approximately 10 passes on each side

  • Remove the vial containing the blue preservative liquid from the kit, insert the cotton end of the swab into the blue liquid and break off the stick of the swab. Make sure the cotton tip end is able to fully fit inside the vial

  • Reseal the cap on the vial (ensure the cap is tight on the vial and no liquid can leak out), agitate, make sure the cotton tip is fully submerged in the liquid

  • Replace the vial into its spot in the shipping kit, discard the remnants of the swab stick

  • IMPORTANT – register your kit and be sure to record the number on the vial. This number is the only way we have to identify your sample, if it is not recorded correctly then we may not be able to provide you with your results. We recommend that you use your phone to take a picture of the number on the vial, it is the number beneath the barcode

  • Complete the registration below and double check to make sure that you have entered the correct barcode number

  • Place the kit containing the vial with your sample into the addressed return envelope

  • Drop the envelope in the mail


Complete registration by following this link:

Notify Tina at (304) 808-1405 or when your results arrive. It will be a series of numbers. We will use this data for interpretation and generate a report to share during your review session.